Sini - Cooperative Meilo



  • Sales Senior at KPMG, Head of Sales at The SHIFT, completing Master’s degree studies at Turku School of Economics Sini
  • Cooperative Meilo
  • Graduated in 2013

Afterwards I can really appreciate the experience I got from BusinessAcademy on real projects, which has been very useful in working life. Our cooperative comprised business and ICT students and we were focused on marketing and advertising agency tasks. It’s important that there are different personalities and experts in the team. I also acted as vice president and assistant coach in our cooperative.

At BusinessAcademy I gained important contacts to companies, learned about the business world and teamwork skills. In addition, I got to visit and cooperate with Mondragon, where the style of studying is similar. I completed my Bachelor’s thesis in Vietnam; I studied how the concept could be exported there.

Tips for BusinessAcademy students:

  1. Conduct versatile projects with an open mind, with different people and experts
  2. Analyze your own strengths and advance them with projects to support your career development
  3. Remember to invest in your grades with possible postgraduate studies in mind