Pauliina - Cooperative Visioona



  • Marketing Manager, Tehden SoftwarePauliina
  • Graduated in 2014
  • Cooperative Visioona (founding member)

“I ended up studying at TUAS, because I wanted to change over to another field. I’ve always enjoyed learning by doing, and thus I enjoyed the project work at BusinessAcademy. I got to do many different tasks: the largest one was organizing a sporty outdoor event with a zero-based budget – and all the related sales, marketing and organization tasks. There were many challenges and mistakes, but the things I learned were golden!

I was inspired by digital marketing by the books I chose for the training sessions, and the goal of changing over to another field was realized. BusinessAcademy encourages you to constantly develop yourself and your skills, and to a self-directing way of working. Both are useful in future working life!”

Tips for BusinessAcademy students:

  1. Network  networks are a great asset in working life
  2. Be bold and experiment  it doesn’t matter if you fail
  3. Develop yourself and your competence  move out from your comfort zone