Our Cooperation Partners

TUAS’ BusinessAcademy works on two campuses; in Salo and Turku. During our years of operation, our model of operations has roused lots of interest e.g. in Southwest Finland. Our operations are quite well-known among companies and our other partners. We cooperate e.g. with the customer companies of the Federation of Finnish Enterprises in Southwest Finland and, for example, with K-Retailers and Nordea. For several operators in the region, BA is a natural cooperation partner in both marketing and sales.

In addition to regional networks, BusinessAcademy has strong national and international partner networks. With them we continue to develop the education.  For example, with the Spanish Mondragon University, we have for years had student and teacher exchange and conducted joint EU projects. In addition to Mondragon University, we cooperate with e.g. the universities of Flevoland in Holland.

The University of Valencia is a CARPE cooperation partner of ours, and with them we develop e.g. learning environments both in Finland and Spain. We can also offer for example project workplaces for our students in Southern Spain.

Our vision and goals

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Possibilities for cooperation